How Are You Generating Financial Freedom?

Clearly defining your values, financial needs and life goals can lay the foundation for a solid financial plan


How Are You Generating Financial Freedom?

Maximizing cash flow, determining your optimal savings, and creating an appropriate asset allocation allow compounding of assets, and leads to significant portfolio growth over a long term investment horizon


How Are You Generating Financial Freedom?

Tax efficiencies and protecting your net worth with risk management and estate planning strategies can ensure continued portfolio growth which you can pass on to your heirs


How Are You Generating Financial Freedom?

Planning for the portfolio distribution phase during retirement and protecting it against various risks, such as longevity, inflation, liquidity and spending shocks (like unexpected healthcare events and large expenses) can limit financial uncertainty


Elements 5 Can Help You Generate Financial Freedom

Many elements will affect your financial future, some generating prosperity and others slowly eroding it. Elements 5 knows which ones you can control and manipulate and which ones you must protect against—proper financial planning ensures you can live your life the way you choose.

Products & Services

Financial Planning

Elements 5 collaborates with you to create a financial plan according to your values, financial needs and desired lifestyle. Planning starts with analysis of your cash flow, savings rate, net worth, tax efficiency and asset allocation. All plans are accessible online.

Investment Management

Investment risk has many forms. Elements 5 gives careful attention to these risks in managing your portfolio. No matter your stage in life, your portfolio is created for your particular circumstances and managed according to your financial plan.

Asset Allocation

Elements 5 reviews your entire financial portfolio, including employer retirement accounts, pensions, annuities, real estate and other assets, to identify risks and recommend strategies and portfolio changes (as needed) to meet your particular goals.

How Element 5 Help Its Clients

As a Fiduciary

Elements 5 is independent—we don't work for a broker-dealer, mutual fund or insurance company. Elements 5 is paid solely by its clients—we only work for our clients by giving financial advice, preparing financial plans and managing investments. Since we don't sell financial products, we don't receive commissions or accept referral fees. Being independent allows us to provide unbiased advice as a fiduciary to all our clients.

Giving Consideration to Costs

Important decisions usually have associated costs, whether monetary, time or emotional: investing has trade commissions, fund expenses and taxes, insurance requires premiums, retirement decisions can be emotional and have time consequences, estate planning can have accelerated costs and taxes, etc. Elements 5 carefully considers the costs associated with its financial advice and solutions and educates clients so they understand the value of the advice and solutions we provide. Clients are able to make better, more informed financial decisions they can stick with over the long term allowing them to achieve their financial objectives.

Using Advanced FinTech

Elements 5 uses a leading online financial planning software program that provides account aggregation, planning for investments, retirement, education and other large goals, insurance strategies, tax reduction strategies, social security claiming strategies, and estate planning management. Our financial planning services also include advice and monitoring of employer-based retirement accounts. Clients can track all of their investments and the daily performance of their financial plan. Account aggregation also allows Elements 5 to analyze the riskiness of an entire portfolio, no matter how many accounts or where the assets are held, so we can identify risk and make recommendations to better position each client's portfolio to meet your long term financial objectives.

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David B. Schram, J.D.

Managing Member and CCO

Dave is an attorney licensed in NY and NJ and has practiced biopharmaceutical patent law for almost 20 years. In 2013, he started Elements 5 to pursue another passion—personal finance and investing.